Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Harvest Sept. 26, 2016

Problem of the Week (Sept. 26, 2016)
Directions: Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper. Label the paper with your FULL name, your teacher, and which problem(s) you are handing in, then staple it to this sheet. Please show all your work.

Level 1: Vegetables
Make an organized list of different vegetables. Number each item in your list. How many vegetables did you put in your list?

Level 2: Vegetable Sort
You must complete Level 1 before you do this problem. Make circles for every color represented by the vegetables you listed in Level 1 and label the outside of the circle with the color. Now write the name of each vegetable in the circle for its color.  Now list the colors in order from least numbers of vegetables to greatest number of vegetables. For example: If I have 3 orange vegetables, 5 green vegetables, and 1 purple vegetable then I would make a list like this: purple, orange, green.

Level 3: Cooking Vegetables
Find a recipe that uses vegetables as an important ingredient. Make a chart like in my example below and fill in all the ingredients, the amount needed for the recipe, and the amount needed if you doubled the recipe (important - include the unit of measurement):

Ingredient Name
Amount in recipe
Amount in a double recipe
carrots, sliced
1 cup
2 cups
½ teaspoon
1 teaspoon
1 ½ cups
3 cups
¼ cup
½ cup

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