Monday, December 12, 2016

Holidays Dec. 12, 2016

Problem of the Week (Dec. 12, 2016)

Directions: Write your work on a separate sheet of paper. Label the paper with your FULL name, your teacher, and which problem(s) you are handing in, then staple it to this sheet.


Level 1: Stars: Stars are an important symbol in many cultures, religions, and holidays. Use a ruler so you get nice straight sides. Draw a star that has 5 points, a star that has 6 points, and a star that has 8 points. Color and decorate them.

Level 2: Lights: A string of lights is 8 feet long and it has 100 lights on it. If you need to decorate a space 24 feet long, how many strings of lights will you need? How many total lights will be shining once you plug in the strings of light?
Level 3: Presents: Pretend you plan to give your friend a present in a box that is a 10 inch cube. Calculate how much wrapping paper you will need (for simplicity you can assume the paper does not need to overlap itself). Don’t forget to tell me the units of measurement.  Hint: You will be calculating the surface area of the box.  Bonus: How much more paper will you need if the wrapping paper overlaps 1 inch at each seam?

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