Monday, January 23, 2017

More Money, Money, Money Jan. 17, 2017

Problem of the Week (Jan. 17, 2017)
More Money, Money, Money!

Directions: Write your work on a separate sheet of paper. Label the paper with your FULL name, your teacher, and which problem(s) you are handing in, then staple it to this sheet.


Level 1:  Buy in Bulk: One 50 pound bag of rice costs $20. How much will it cost to buy 200 pounds of rice? Show your work. Draw a picture.

Level 2:  Tutti Fruity: I want to buy a total of 10 pieces of fruit to make a fruit salad. I want my fruit salad to have lots of variety and I only have $10 to spend. Make a list of what you think I should buy and why you decided on those items. Don’t forget to tell me the total $ I will spend and the quantity of each kind of fruit.
Price List:  2 apples cost $1.00, 2 oranges cost $1.00, box of strawberries costs $3.00, box of blueberries costs $2.00, 1 watermelon costs $5.00, 1 cantaloupe melon costs $3, plums cost 25 cents each, pears cost $1.00 each, kiwis cost 25 cents each.

Level 3: Shopping Spree: George bought a clock for $35.70, a TV for $234.55, a computer for $675.99, and a book for $15.15. How much did George spend in total? Bonus:  If George only has $100 bills, how many does he need to pay for all the items? How much change will he get back?

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