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President's Day Feb. 21, 2017

Problem of the Week (Feb. 21, 2017)
President’s Day
Directions: Write your work on a separate sheet of paper. Label the paper with your FULL name, your teacher, and which problem(s) you are handing in, then staple it to this sheet.

SHOW ALL YOUR WORK on a separate sheet of paper.

Level 1:  Names: Write down the last name of any 3 previous presidents of the United States. Below each name write down how many letters are in the name. Now add up the 3 numbers using a strategy such as number bonds or mental math (ex. make ten). Show or explain your method.

Level 2:  Through the centuries:  Find and print a list of United States presidents. Now circle groups of names by the century they started their presidency (1700’s, 1800’s, 1900’s, and 2000’s). How many presidents were in each century? How many total presidents?

Level 3: Fun Facts: Below are 4 presidential fun facts. Pick one fact and find out the year it happened. Now show and solve a subtraction problem that finds out how many years ago that event occurred.
  1. Franklin Pierce gave his 3,319 word inaugural address from memory, without aid of notes. Wow! Do you think you could do this?
  2. Lyndon B. Johnson was the first American president to name an African American to his cabinet.  Bonus: What was the cabinet member’s name?
  3. Millard Fillmore installed the first bathtub and kitchen stove in the White House.     Bonus: Where did they cook and bathe before that?
  4. John F. Kennedy was the first president to hold a press conference on television. Bonus: What communication method was popular before television?

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